Hello, my name is Marisa and I am a Portuguese mixed media artist living now in England. Since childhood I was lucky to be frequently in contact with natural clay due to my family links with ceramic art and I have a special love for nature and the animal world.

After taking the scientific route in my university studies, obtaining at the end a master degree in bio-engineering, I wanted to find a hobby where I could get back to my creative side. I decided to try polymer clay because it is an easy medium to work (at the beginning, you only need the clay, a toothpicks and an oven), there is a lot of color choice and I was amazed by the fun and possibilities of creating anything from your imagination.

With the support and encouragement from loved ones, I decided to turn my hobby into a business at the end of 2017 and created The Folky Fox to share my little creatures with the rest of the world. My love for nature and animals is reflected in all my creations and I have a special love for making small pieces.

More recently I started to learn and work with natural clay, that way reconnecting with my family tradition. The challenge was bigger due to the nature of this material, the glazing process and the infinite number of techniques. However the satisfaction and pleasure in discovering the final creations coming out of the kiln is incredibly rewarding. I'm still experimenting with new glazes and techniques and I will have soon new creations to share with you.

Thanks for visiting my little shop and have a wonderful day!